Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Shoghi Provides Innovative & Tactical Cyber Intelligence Solutions for authorized Government and Intelligence agencies, to Intercept & Extract Secure data and Encrypted Chat information from target mobile devices.

WhatsApp Interception
Messenger Interception

Cyber Intelligence Platform

Shoghi’s standalone Tactical Cyber Intelligence Platform provides operator’s with complete intelligence picture. The tactical platform incorporates multiple operational attack vectors that allow operators to Target , Collect and Analyse devices, Cloud based data , Encrypted chats & Social media Sites along with their credentials.

Telegram Interception

Information Warfare Capability

Shoghi has been providing offensive Information Warfare capability to our government customer Since 2001. We have highly experienced Professionals and Resources, who are continuously working to provide real time Intelligence collection and Processing solutions to our Intelligence customers.

Encrypted Chat Monitoring
WhatsApp Interception

Shoghi Cyber Intelligence Portfolio

Our wide and deep product portfolio accelerates intelligence-driven security through the synergy of technology, domain expertise and intelligence methodologies.

WhatsApp Interception